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Jeff Dobrow

Technology-Based Visual Artist

Brief info

Jeff Dobrow is a technology-based visual artist that explores the evolving, fluid relationship between technology, art, and process. He uses his skills and vision to create interactive, immersive, and evolving experiences. Jeff believes that creating thoughtful, interpretive pieces and engaging experiences in public art, themed entertainment, and in heritage and preservation spaces provides a wonderful opportunity to engage with the public to ignite imagination and renew curiosity. Through Jeff’s efforts, he strives to create aesthetically engaging and impactful touch points that connect people and technology. Jeff is currently working in diverse technology-based mediums including interactive installations, projection mapping, and live mixing and performance art. Jeff brings to Riggs Ward many years of experience. In a past life, Jeff was a Creative Director in the advertising and motion design space, and produced broadcast branding and commercial spots for agencies and networks worldwide.

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