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Young Harris College

Young Harris College

To honor the legacy of Zell and Shirley Miller, Young Harris College commissioned RWD to design environmental graphics, casework and building recognition signage for the Rollins Campus Center and Zell and Shirley Miller Library. The library was dedicated to the Millers in 2014 in recognition of Zell’s significant contributions to the College mission.

Among the exhibit components is an environmental installation honoring the “HOPE” program that Zell created to support future scholars with financial assistance. One influence on the final design aesthetic was the sense of place that the mountains of Young Harris instilled in Zell. RWD interpreted this perspective through layered maps representing the topography of the region.

Another exhibit element is a timeline honoring the life and accomplishments of both Zell and Shirley. The chronological organization and clean design makes reading and understanding the information both pleasant and easy.

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