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University of Virginia Rotunda

University of Virginia Rotunda

RWD collaborated with the University of Virginia on a multi-phase project to produce interactive programs, graphics, and exhibits during the Rotunda renovation process.

For Phase I, RWD designed an outdoor wayside panel that gave visitors an overview of the renovation process and guided them to additional online information through the use of a QR code.

During Phase II, RWD developed an outdoor kiosk, located in front of Pavilion II on the East Range, which described ongoing changes to the Rotunda and other structures on the Lawn. This piece focused on architectural and archaeological research, and answered frequently asked questions about the project. Additionally, visitors could use the kiosk to view an updatable database of current and past students who lived on the Lawn.

Upon completion of the renovation, RWD developed permanent a exhibit for the Rotunda Visitor Center in the Lower East Oval Room. The exhibit is a culmination of all information presented within Phase I and Phase II, including interactive stations, case displays, and graphics that reflect the building’s history and evolution.

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