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The Museum at Capricorn Records and Capricorn Sound Studios

The Museum at Capricorn Records and Capricorn Sound Studios

For their 50th anniversary, Capricorn Sound Studios reopened as a music incubator and museum, featuring vibrant and engaging exhibits created by RWD in partnership with Mercer University and Building 4 Fabrication.

The museum tells the stories of Southern Rock in the 1970s in the context of Macon’s rich musical heritage. Colorful exhibits invite visitors to explore the larger impact of Capricorn Records through musical interactives acting as record players. Visitors are encouraged to delve into the studio’s eclectic discography, creating their own unique experience and connecting directly with the city’s history.

Displayed artifacts, photographs, album art, posters, large-scale murals, and dimensional letters create an immersive space reminiscent of your favorite record store. In the center of the room, visitors flip through albums in interactive bins and que music to play in the museum or listen to on headphones. To cultivate online presence and interaction, RWD incorporated an eye-catching backdrop where visitors can take photos to share.

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