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Tampa Bay History Center

Tampa Bay History Center

RWD designed the third floor gallery space at Tampa Bay History Center. The three areas of the exhibit include, The Citrus Grove, the Reo Car, and Travails and Triumphs. All exhibits are bilingual, English and Spanish.

The Citrus Grove explores Florida’s citrus history. Not only does it discuss the tourism industry but it explores the Spaniards, Seminoles, and British cultivars that tended fields and groves, and agricultural workers harvested Florida crops. All told, the story of Florida farming stretches back centuries, and is a tale of experimentation, toil, tourism, and tastiness.

The largest exhibit, the “Travails and Triumphs: A Journey Through Tampa Bay’s Black History,” takes guests through 500 years of the Tampa Bay area’s Black history. Visitors will learn about people of African descent that came to Tampa in the 1500s, Black Seminoles and 19th- century Florida maroon communities, 20th-century Civil Rights champions, the history of Tampa’s forgotten Black cemeteries, and more.

The exhibit incorporates five stops/way points, each of which will tell a different story about the experiences of Black bay area residents. The aesthetic qualities of each stop is distinct, thereby delineating each period. 

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