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Stevens Creek Nature Center and Preserve

Stevens Creek Nature Center & Preserve is a 281-acre tract of land encompassing a forest, creek, garden, and new nature center. RWD designed the playful exhibit to cultivate a sense of wonderment at the marvels of nature, brought to life by a series of interactives, including a touch tank designed to resemble a creek bed, a digital sandbox, and a large-scale model of a mussel. Informative graphics and a biotic resources table provide immersive opportunities for children to learn about the surrounding nature preserve, while a giant Pirate Perch fish with accompanying glochidia models is suspended from the ceiling. 

The exhibit’s full effect is a whimsical and eye-catching deep-dive into North Carolina’s natural features that not only inform the visitor, but invites them to see, touch, and connect with the region’s landscape. 

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