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Quest at Latta Nature Preserve

Quest at Latta Nature Preserve

RWD created exhibits for Latta Nature Preserve that spark curiosity through both seeing and doing. Two striking interactive tables draw visitors in and facilitate hands-on learning for all ages, while dynamic graphics and sleek displays complete the 3,200 square feet of exhibition space.

The two interactive tables invite visitors to touch and connect. One represents the water cycle, complete with a whimsical cloud and miniature cityscape, while the other emphasizes a sense of place with a model of the nearby Mountain Island Lake through the projected future. Visitors can relate to the elements they are used to seeing —a rainy day, a familiar lake— while discovering overarching narratives they may not have considered.

With the exhibit focusing primarily on the site’s history and water quality, the space incorporates an aquarium feature housing a menagerie of fish. Turtles, snakes, and lizards are also on view in separate spaces tailored to their correlated ecoregions.

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