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Great Bridge Battlefield Museum

Great Bridge Battlefield Museum

RWD created an immersive Revolutionary War experience for the Great Bridge Battlefield Foundation. In the early stages of design, RWD was also able to provide branding and fundraising materials to assist the foundation in receiving grants and donations.

The exhibits are a creative blend of immersive environments and engaging media, designed to excite and engage a wide range of visitors. RWD integrated era-appropriate designs and interactive features that mimic the lifestyle of a colonial, like a small room transformed into an early-17th century pub.

The orientation room provides an overview of the Great Bridge Battlefield and adjacent historic site before leading visitors into the subsequent galleries that explore the history of the site, causeway, and village. A second gallery, divided into two parts, begins with a prelude to arms that explores routes to Great Bridge and cultural, political, and military influences on colonial Norfolk and Chesapeake. The second gallery focuses strictly on the days and events leading up to the battle, and the last gallery outlines the significance of the victory, the destruction of Norfolk, and the battle’s aftermath.

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