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First State National Historical Park

First State National Historical Park

RWD worked in collaboration with GWWO Architects and the National Park Service to design exhibits and media for First State National Historical Park in New Castle, Delaware. First State National Historical Park consists of six sites spread throughout the state: John Dickinson Plantation, Brandywine Valley, Fort Christina, Old Swedes Historic Site, New Castle Court House, and The Dover Green. The park traces the stories of Delaware, from the state’s first settlement through the ratification of the United States Constitution.

The exhibits will be housed in the historic New Castle Sheriff’s House, as part of a larger overall effort to rehabilitate the site. The Sheriff’s House will serve as park administration space, a centralized visitor contact station, and an orientation point containing information on all sites within the park. The exhibits begin with an exploration of the indigenous Lenape peoples. They go on to cover colonial arrival and settlements, and continue through present day issues of race and inequality for indigenous, Black Americans, and women.

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