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Fabergé Revealed

As part of Virginia Museum of Fine Art’s (VMFA’s) seventy- fifth anniversary, the museum undertook a three-part project to reassess and redisplay its Fabergé collection: this catalogue, a complementary exhibition, and, finally, an expanded and newly designed gallery that will show more of the collection than ever before, Fabergé Revealed.

RWD worked directly with the VMFA on the exhibit. The project was led by the preeminent scholar of Fabergé, Géza von Habsburg, who has curated numerous exhibitions on the topic worldwide and is the author of several catalogues and books.

The exquisite objects created by Karl Fabergé and his studio in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries for the aristocracy and nobility of imperial Russia are considered to be some of the most refined examples of the jeweler’s art of any age. The array of enameled picture frames and clocks, gold cigarette cases and cane tops, rockcrystal animals and flowers, and jewel-encrusted brooches and boxes still evoke the same fascination today that they did when displayed in the windows of Fabergé’s stores in St. Petersburg, Moscow and London.

RWD also worked to develop the conceptual design, style, palette, and early renderings for the Fabergé permanent galleries that led to the detail drawings done by Glavé & Holmes Architecture. 

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