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Eno River State Park

Eno River State Park

RWD created these interactive, playful, and participatory exhibits for Eno River State Park. The designs accompanied dynamic interpretive programming that speaks to a wide range of visitor preferences and learning levels. The exhibit will offer visitors the freedom to control the pace
of learning—to read headlines only or to take time to fully digest—and appreciate the history and natural complexity of the Eno River.

A primary design objective was to create a sense of wonder that would entice visitors to explore the outdoor world. To achieve this, the updated visitor center intentionally blends the boundary between interior and exterior and emphasizes the interconnectedness of all parts of the ecosystem—flora, fauna, soil, water, and air. This exhibit serves as a call to action to visitors, encouraging active participation in stewardship of the park and highlighting the need to balance enjoyment of ERSP with the conservation of its ecosystem.

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