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Cedar Breaks National Monument

Cedar Breaks National Monument

RWD designed exhibits for the National Park Service at the Cedar Breaks National Monument visitor center, where guests will go to learn more about the site.

This design features in-depth exploration of the geology, geography, wildlife, and vegetation of the region, as well as some information pointing visitors to other, similar sites in the area. The striking exhibit centerpiece is a large scale model of a Bristlecone Pine tree, a rare natural feature found only in very specific conditions like those at the Cedar Breaks National Monument. While the Bristlecone Pines are an iconic feature of the park, most visitors do not have the opportunity to see the trees in person because they are found in rough terrain, requiring hiking or climbing to reach. This fully accessible exhibit brings the unique trees to every visitor.

This project included exhibit content development, final exhibit script writing, the core exhibit design, exterior waysides and wayfinding, and retail design for the portion of the center reserved for a gift shop. The design is ADA compliant, with careful attention given to presenting the information and park’s natural beauty to visitors of all physical and mental ability.

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