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We’re an interdisciplinary studio. We’ve studied art and technology, science and architecture, museology and urban planning. We’ve explored history. Local history. American history. World history. History through art and artifacts. History through design and landscape and language. History through the stories of the people that have passed through the places and spaces we build and inhabit.

Our Team

Bob Riggs

Principal in Charge & Creative Director

Breanne Gill

Architectural Designer

Brent Ward

Principal in Charge & Managing Director

Caroline Carpenter

Director of Marketing and Administration

Courtney Fronce

Associate Designer

Courtney Thomas

Architectural/Interior Design Intern

Dr. Lauranett Lee


Jeff Dobrow

Technology-Based Visual Artist

Jessica Thomson

Content Developer

Justin Madron

GIS & Data Visualization Specialist

Layla Hedges

Media Developer

Mark Taliaferro

Senior Exhibit Designer

Mercy Quintos Procaccini

West Coast Project Management Consultant

Michelle Colbert

Researcher & Content Developer

Mike Combs

Media & Web Designer

Mike Radtke

Associate & Construction Administration Lead

Nick Gutkowski

Media & Web Designer

Rob Steele

Senior Graphic Designer

Ron Thomson

Interpretive Planner & Content Developer

Ryan Woodward

Programmer & Game Designer

Shandiin Yazzie Woodward

3D Artist & Animator

Susan Shibut

Coordinator & Producer

Taylor Van Ness

UI/UX Designer

Valentina Hawes

3D Artist

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