Www Credit Card Agreement

Specific rules for credit card purchases: If you have a problem with the quality of the property or services you purchased with your credit card and have tried to resolve the problem with the merchant in good faith, you may have the right not to pay the right to apply the residual tax for the property or services. There are two restrictions on this right: the cardholder`s liability for the unauthorized use of a Visa or MasterCard card is zero dollars if the following conditions are met: (1) You declare the loss or theft within 24 hours of the discovery it was lost or stolen; (2) Your account is in good condition at that time; (3) In the past 12 months, no more than two incidents of unauthorized use with your account have been reported; and (4) You used due diligence to insure the loss or theft card. If these conditions are not met, the smallest amount of $50 or the amount of money, property, work or services received by the unauthorized use before notifying us. We may also increase your liability if we reasonably find, on the basis of essential evidence, that you were negligent or fraudulent in handling your account or card. We are informed when reasonable steps have been taken to provide us with relevant information regarding the unauthorized loss, theft or use of an account or card. Account or Use of the card by someone other than you who has no real, tacit or obvious authority for such use and for which you will get no profit. You may be able to opt out parts of your credit card agreement, such as the compromise clause, but it depends on the credit card issuer. If you are looking for specific information for your account, contact the bank or institution that issued your card. By law, the issuer must provide you with your consent upon request.

If you are having trouble obtaining your consent, let us know by filing a complaint. We have provided this database to allow you to search for agreements between credit card issuers and their customers. The agreements in this database contain terms and conditions, prices and fee information. This credit card agreement and disclosure (“agreement”) apply to your Visa or MasterCard or Gold MasterCard (“Card”) account with the Bank of Stockton. You accept all these conditions by applying for the card. The provisions of this contract and the disclosure of any agreement or prior disclosure on your behalf are void. In this agreement, “you,” “your” and “consumer” are the people who sign the application (“application”) or accept in writing its terms. “Bank,” “we,” “our” and “we” mean the bank or someone to whom the bank transfers its rights under this agreement. In order to obtain the “average daily balance” (including current transactions), the bank takes the initial balance of your account`s purchase share every day, adds all new purchases and other fees, and subtracts all payments and credits as well as all unpaid and late financing costs.

This will give the daily balance. The bank then adds up all the daily balances for the billing cycle and divides the amount by the number of days in the billing cycle. This is the average daily balance of purchases. A cardholder contract is a legal document that describes the conditions under which a credit card is offered to a customer. Among other things, the cardholder`s agreement indicates the annual percentage (APR) of the card as well as the calculation of the minimum card payments.