Which Information Must Not Be Included In A Listing Agreement

Is the broker responsible for the loss of real estate value in the sale caused by the unauthorized disclosure of the owner`s personal and privileged financial information? Recognizing and appreciating their commitments to clients, customers, the public and each other, REALTORS® constantly anxious to be informed and stay informed about real estate issues, and as competent professionals, they willingly share the fruits of their experience and study with others. They identify and take action by enforcing this code of ethics and supporting appropriate regulatory authorities to eliminate practices that could harm the public or discredit or dishonor the real estate profession. REALTORS® which has direct personal knowledge of behaviours that may violate the code of ethics involving the embezzlement of client money or property, intentional discrimination or fraud with significant economic harm, draw the attention of the REALTORS Board of Directors or association® on these issues. (Modified 1/00) When searching for information from another REALTOR® on real estate as part of an administration or listing agreement, REALTORS® announces its REALTOR status® and whether its interest is personal or on behalf of a client and, if on behalf of a client, its relationship with the client. (Modified 1/11) REALTORS® is not subject to disciplinary proceedings in more than one REALTORS board of directors® or an affiliated institution, company or board, in which they are members of alleged violations of the code of ethics regarding the same transaction or event. (Modified 1/95) REALTORS® exaggerate, misrepreserated or conceal relevant facts related to the property or transaction. REALTORS® is not required, however, to identify latent defects in the property, to advise on matters outside the scope of their real estate license, or to disclose facts that are confidential in the context of agency or non-agency relationships within the meaning of national law. (Modified 1/00) [Hearing] It is wrong to believe that a stockbroker or broker is prohibited from buying from revealing a sale price, since Texas is a non-public state. Non-disclosure relates to the ability of public authorities, such as valuation districts, to impose the publication of selling prices; this does not mean that selling prices are confidential by default. Restrictions on the use of selling prices are derived from local MLS rules. REALTORS® if they promote unlisted real estate for sale/lease to which they have an interest in the property, they have their status as landlords and realtors® or realtors. (Modified 1/93) The obligation to cooperate under Article 3 relates to the obligation to exchange information on publicly traded real estate and to make the property available to other brokers in order to show it to potential buyers/tenants if it is in the interest of sellers/donors.