Unifor Ford Collective Agreement 2020

“Based on the collective agreement now ratified by employees, Ford is committed to making its Oakville Assembly complex of an internal combustion engine (ICE) site a BEV production site that will begin in 2024, as well as introducing a new engine program at its Windsor operation,” Ford said in a statement. These unanswered questions underline the fact that any interim contract that is not made available to membership may have sufficient time to read and discuss before the vote cannot be accepted. Instead, workers must demand that the interim agreement be published in its entirety, along with all notes of intent, and that it be made available to all members in a timely manner before each meeting to discuss the agreement and the ratification vote. Ford first published the message and called the agreement a victory for all parties involved. Behind all the hype, the most striking thing about Tuesday`s press conference, was that Unifor did not even provide the most basic information on the preliminary agreement. But the potential for a new chapter is still there: the rejection of the agreement on Ford`s largest workplace and Unifor`s largest self-local; The nature of the arguments put forward by those who opposed it and voted against it; the germs of the organization that is developing in Oshawa – all go in the direction of a possible new life for collective resistance to the current regime in the car. Learning the legacy of resistance, struggle, internal struggles within the Union and the role of the Socialists – which dates back to the 1930s – is a key element in building on the real frustration and anger of today`s young workers. The reasons given by a number of workers were mixed in Oakville: some saw a “yes” vote as an act of solidarity with Windsor workers (encouraged by management); some feared the closure of the plant, for lack of future work, if they rejected it; some appreciated the benefits of the agreement. On the other hand, there has been a lot of commentary in the newspapers of workers who were against two classes and the new pension plan. It was hoped that if Ford employees rejected the agreement, it could have become the spark for broader opposition to the current management of Unifor.

The model collective agreement now serves as the basis for discussions with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and then General Motors. The agreements affect about 17,000 Unifor members in the Detroit Three, although the union actually represents more than 19,000 workers in companies – 9,000 at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, 6,300 at Ford and 4,100 at GM. “The GM model will not fly with The membership of Local 707,” local president Dave Thomas said last week. But local Oakville executives backed the deal negotiated on Halloween. Dear Brothers and Sisters of Unifor Local 707, As you know, our union is negotiating with Ford Motor Company to renew the collective agreement. This note is intended to inform you that a union meeting will be held on Sunday, September 27, 2020 at 10:00 a.m.m ET and that […] At GM, the contract was 65% its lowest since the creation of the CAW. 70 per cent of the ACF. Many workers were pleased that some kind of investment had been promised, that there had been increases (albeit modest) and that full-time work had been promised to the SWE. But others saw the weaknesses of the agreements.

The results of the ratification vote will be published after reviewing the results on the afternoon of Monday, September 28, 2020. It can be said that this treaty symbolizes the end of the era of the refreshing and pioneering leadership of the CAW in the fight against neoliberalism in the labour movement and in the workplace. The era, which began with the challenge of concessions, bonuses, free trade and the effects of lean production, ended with an agreement that lags behind the UAW, which “directs” the introduction of defined benefit pensions and locks it into the two-tier staff. The union voted 81% in favor of the collective agreement, which involves investments of $1.5 billion to bring electric vehicle production to Battery in Oakville and a new engine derivative in Windsor, Unifor confirmed.