Woodrow Wilson Birthplace

World War I: The Doughboy War

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Riggs Ward Design and The Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and Museum worked together to create the World War I exhibit. World War I: The Doughboy War is a fully immersive and state-of-the-art experience that takes visitors to the battlefront during the first World War. The exhibit details a rough 50-foot sliver of the 450 miles of trenches that spanned Europe during the war. Visitors can walk through the plank and post clad pathways to either view a recreated underground bunker or get a view of "no man's land" using an interactive periscope built into the trench wall. Adding to the experience, lighting and audio effects simulate the sounds of war including soldiers conversations within the trench and explosions that reverberate from all sides. Included in the exhibit are artifacts such as a 1917 Colt revolver, a German anti-tank rifle, an infantryman's shaving kit, a gas mask, and an American soldier's uniform. The exhibit, which was completed in May 2010, four years before the World War I centennial, serves as an educational and informative learning experience, as well as an homage to those soldiers who experienced the trench warfare first-hand.


Woodrow Wilson Birthplace


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