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In 1953, VMFA was among the first museums in the world to create what was then called the Artmobile. During its lifetime, the Artmobile Program circulated 60 exhibitions and served over 2.5 million people. This program was abandoned in the early 1990’s in favor of developing stronger partnerships with schools, community centers, and museums around the state. The exhibition uses distance learning to educate visitors on creativity by connecting them with VMFA curators and educators. Since then, Riggs Ward brought the Artmobile back to life. “How Far Can Creativity Take You?”, asks this question by focusing on works by 12 fellows who are represented in the museum’s permanent collection and have achieved acclaim in the art world. The artists’ journeys have not only been fueled by passion and hard work, but the VMFA Fellowship Program has also made them each possible. “How Far Can Creativity Take You?” illustrates the rich fusion between inspiration, creativity, and opportunity that VMFA offers. The range of artwork chosen represents the diverse backgrounds of the artists and how their creativity manifested itself. While his or her approaches are different, each artist emphasized a unique sense of place felt in Virginia. It is fitting that the inaugural VMFA on the Road exhibition embodies the multitude of experiences shared by Virginians, from the Atlantic Coast to the Appalachians, from the Beltway to rural Southside.


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