The Valentine

This is Richmond, Virginia

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Riggs Ward designed exhibits for the Valentine Richmond History Center, which re-opened to the public in fall 2014 after major renovations. "This is Richmond" is an exhibition that tells the story of the larger community of Richmond; its history, culture and people. The design challenge was to move away from traditional design methodologies and present material and intangible culture together to tell the plural histories of one place through a common point: the city. The color red was chosen to create a striking contrast between the clean white lighting, exhibit walls and cases and to direct the line of sight to create visual cohesion. No one part of the exhibit is more important than another and this message is told through repeating lines, colors and an overall cohesive look and feel. Every detail of the exhibit design was carefully considered, from the artifact mounts to the exhibit text to the execution of the hand-painted map of Richmond floor by local artist Nancy Beck.


The Valentine


Richmond, VA


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