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The Truth About Women

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Riggs Ward worked with Hampton History Museum to design the exhibition "The Truth About Women" which opened in early 2015. "The Truth About Women" aims to dismantle popular myths about women in postwar America; mainly attacking the idea that women were merely counterparts to their husbands or extensions of their familial units. The exhibition looks at women from Hampton and celebrates their professional, intellectual, cultural and domestic contributions to their fields.

The exhibit is divided into themes: Women in Medicine, Humanitarians, Women in Preservation, Women in Technology, etc. Colors were chosen to represent and separate each theme, for example purple is used to create the feel for the "Humanitarians" section, yellow is used for "Women in Medicine" and black is used for "Women in the Military." Long tabletop text panels snake through the exhibition, directing the visitor through the themes. Curator Michael Cobb says of the exhibit: "This exhibit is designed to put us back in touch with at least half of our history. And as those lost stories have emerged, they've given us a fuller, richer and more realistic view of who shaped this town and the surrounding region."


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