St. Charles County Department Parks and Recreation

St. Charles County Heritage Museum at Heritage Park

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St. Charles County's Parks and Recreation Department hired Riggs Ward Design to create approximately 3,200 square-feet of exhibits in their new Heritage Museum, a renovated historical home and a recent addition. The new facility and its exhibits focus on the cultural contributions made by past residents of St. Charles County, Missouri. The first portion of the permanent displays, located in the main house, introduces visitors to the site and the families who once lived in the historical home and began using the property as a community space in the early 1800s. Other displays feature archeological research done in the area, a history of local Native American cultures, and the life and work of a prolific photographer who lived and worked in St. Charles in the late 1800s. In the large barn-like gallery that was added on to the main house in 2009 are temporary exhibits describing trades practiced by German immigrants in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The displays highlight trades and tradespeople whose work influenced life in St. Charles County historically and today. Exhibit components such as platforms, a railing system, and a graphic panel system, were designed by RWD to be modular and movable for easy use in future temporary exhibits.


St. Charles County Department Parks and Recreation


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