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Sam Rayburn Library Exhibits Renovation

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The Sam Rayburn Library needed to refresh its public access and exhibit spaces. After a very successful collaboration with Riggs Ward Design on the Walter Cronkite exhibit at the LBJ Library, the University of Texas again hired Riggs Ward to develop this important exhibit on a Texas native. The exhibits explore the former Speaker's life and influence on American government, politics, and culture. There are numerous interactive exhibits, significant objects, a document explorer, and a video archive that can be accessed via touchscreen computers. The large touchscreen experience, produced by Terra Incognito, lets visitors to the Sam Rayburn Museum explore dozens of documents from the life and career of the legendary congressman and former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Documents are arranged by theme in an intuitive, fluid interface, with hotspots that let visitors unlock hidden details and stories inside. A 360 degree panorama touchscreen, produced by Riggs Ward, lets visitors explore Sam Rayburn's office. The smooth and responsive interface allows visitors to pan and click hotspots revealing detailed information about Rayburn's office. This is Riggs Ward's third project with the University of Texas and is yet another of the firm's multiple collaborations with several universities all across the country.


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