South Carolina National Heritage Corridor

Region 3 Discovery Center

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After the success of the Region 2 Discovery Center, Riggs Ward also designed a second project for the South Carolina National Heritage Corridor: the Region 3 Discovery Center. The Region 3 Center opened in the spring of 2006 and examines the cultural, political and economic elements unique to Aiken, Blackville, Denmark, and Bamberg counties. A main focus of the center is the impact that the South Carolina Railroad had on the area. Exhibits are strategically placed in train car structures to further enhance the railroad theme while creating a logical wayfinding progression throughout the gallery. A mix of hands-on interactive and interpretive exhibits, life-sized historical replicas, and artifact displays creates an immersive environment that provides a wide range of learning and exploring opportunities for guests. Each discovery center encourages additional visitation in other centers along the National Heritage Corridor, as well as in the specific communities represented in the exhibits.


South Carolina National Heritage Corridor


Blackville, SC

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