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Mercer Music at Capricorn Studios

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For the 50th anniversary of Capricorn Records, RWD worked with Mercer University and Building 4 Fabrication to bring the Capricorn Museum to life. The reopening of the Capricorn Sounds Studios as a music incubator and Museum tells the story of “Southern Rock” in the 1970s. The Museum displays artifacts, photographs, album art, and a music interactives that act as record players. Visitors can flip through albums in the interactive bins and que the music in the Museum or listen on headphones. Interactives include Capricorn Record artists such as: The Allman Brothers Band, Wet Willie, Otis Redding, Marshall Tucker Band, Grinder Switch, Hydra, Elvin Bishop and many many more.


Capricorn Studios


Macon, Georgia

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