Breckenridge Welcome Center

Breckenridge Welcome Center Master Plan

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Riggs Ward worked with the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance, the Town of Breckenridge, and Breckenridge Tourism to create a master plan for the Breckenridge Welcome Center. Riggs Ward performed research on demographics and visitation to the region, held charettes with community stakeholders, and assessed the retail requirements for similar local attractions and organizations within the town. In order to address the town’s increase in visitation, Riggs Ward made recommendations on spatial and exhibit improvements to the Welcome Center, opportunities for integration with the adjacent Blue River Plaza and Breckenridge Arts District, retail operations, and off-site interpretation. The final master plan included two spatial and interpretive improvement options for the Welcome Center as well as phased implementation schedules and cost estimates.


Breckenridge Welcome Center


Breckenridge, Colorado

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