Great Bridge Battlefield and Waterways History Foundation

Great Bridge Battlefield

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Riggs Ward provided Great Bridge Battlefield Foundation with an immersive Revolutionary War experience. Starting with initial concepts and design, RWD was able to provide branding and fundraising materials for GBB to receive grants and donations. The exhibits are a creative blend of immersive colonial environments and engaging media that excites a wide range of visitors. Riggs Ward was able to design features that mimic the lifestyle of a colonial through rooms like the colonial pub. The orientation room provides an overview of the Great Bridge Battlefield and the adjacent battlefield site before leading you into the other galleries which explore the site, the causeway, and the village. The second gallery, broken into two parts, begins with the prelude to arms, exploring routes to Great Bridge and the control over Norfolk and Chesapeake. The second gallery focuses strictly on the days of battle and the events surrounding the battle. The last gallery is designed to explore the significance of the victory, the destruction of Norfolk and the aftermath to follow.


Great Bridge Battlefield and Waterways History Foundation


Hampton, Virginia

Our Role

A/V Media
Concept Development
Exhibition Design
Graphic Design

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