Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum

Graveyard of the Atlantic

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Riggs Ward Design is excited to be working with the North Carolina Department of Cultural History and North Carolina Maritime Museums to create exhibit designs for the 7,000 square foot Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum in Hatteras, NC. The project is currently in the design development phase. The exhibits will highlight the thousands of vessels and mariners who lost a desperate struggle against the forces of war, piracy and nature off the North Carolina Coast. The exhibits will immerse visitors through scale, environmental graphics, and sound. North Carolina’s unique maritime history will be further emphasized through interactive experiences that reveal artifacts, preservation techniques, weather prediction technologies and modern lifesaving tools. The illustrations of Riggs Ward’s conceptual designs were used for fundraising efforts. Currently, $2.5 million have been raised.


Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum


Hatteras, North Carolina

Our Role

A/V Media
Concept Development
Content Creation
Exhibition Design
Master Planning

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