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Gatheround: Stories of Atlanta

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Riggs Ward designed "Gatheround: Stories of Atlanta" for the newly renovated Atlanta History Center, which opened in the summer of 2016. "Gatheround: Stories of Atlanta" is a thematically organized exhibition that explores the city's history as told from the perspective of numerous individuals. The exhibit is divided into four themes: Politics and Justice, Family and Community, Urban Growth and Change, and Cultural Life, creating an inclusive environment for the visitor to connect with history and share their stories. Hands-on activities, such as lifting a kettle like a washerwoman, and museum theater interpreters, bring the exhibit to life for all ages.

Motivated by the idea of inclusion, RWD developed a series of media interactives to offer the visitor an opportunity to engage critically, intellectually, and emotionally with history. A "Share Your Story" recording booth invites visitors to share a story and picture by providing a quiet place to reflect and respond to the exhibit. Visitors can explore the stories left by others in the media wall, a hub of historical and contemporary stories. Throughout the exhibit, digital kiosks expand on the exhibit content in approachable and fun ways, whether offering a quiz to find out which Atlanta neighborhood matches your personality or seeing yourself become part of a historical photograph.


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