Virginia State Capitol

Eye on the Capitol

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"Eye on the Capitol" is an exhibition at the Virginia State Capitol. The exhibit takes the visitor from the lead-up to the evacuation of the Capital City and its burning on April 2, 1865, to occupation by Federal troops and officials, and to the beginnings of recovery and rebuilding on new foundations. The Capitol and Square and environs are seen through the words of eye witnesses and the images of artists, map-makers and photographers of the day. To interpret this story, Riggs Ward developed a linear timeline to direct the visitor chronologically through the subject matter. Vignettes pulled from the exhibit content draw emphasis on significant moments in the storyline along with carefully chosen quotes that highlight the curatorial copy. The exhibit color palette remains in black and white and soft neutrals, paying homage to the traditional look of historical photographs and documents while enlivening the space in the Capitol.


Virginia State Capitol


Richmond, VA

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