Redevelopment Authority of the City of Bethlehem

City of Bethlehem Pennsylvania

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Riggs Ward worked on a multi-phase project for a new Bethlehem Visitor Center. The Bethlehem Visitor Center, housed in the 1863 Stock House, is the oldest building at the Steel Stacks campus. Located adjacent to the iconic blast furnaces, the exhibit space is designed to give tourists and visitors a portal to not only the city of Bethlehem, but also the larger Lehigh Valley. Designed to promote the many messages and destinations of local organizations and events, the center features a combination of interactive kiosks, as well as more traditional static displays. All of the exhibits celebrate the wide range of historical venues alongside the many festivals, such as Musikfest and Christkindlmarkt that are held annually in the region. Three large interactives, developed by Riggs Ward, load real time data from Discover Lehigh Valley to create an interactive map and directory. These interactives contain points of interest based on History & Industry, Arts & Entertainment, Lifestyle & Recreation, and Eat & Stay. Each location also appears on the fully interactive map where visitors can navigate across the entire Lehigh Valley to create itineraries and discover how much the Lehigh Valley truely has to offer. Additionally, visitors are transported to a day in the life of a steelworker through a highly immersive steelworkers' catwalk experience. When standing beneath the catwalk, visitors can view the steel extrusion process, hear a factory supervisor direct workers, and see the large-scale machinery and steel production techniques come to life.


Redevelopment Authority of the City of Bethlehem


Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

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