Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture

No Home to Go To: The Story of Baltic Displaced Persons

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The exhibit "No Home To Go To", spans three stages of the Baltic Displaced Person experience: pre-migration (an introduction to the events and circumstances which compelled the refugees to leave their Baltic homelands); migration (spanning refugees' flight from their Baltic homelands and life in the DP camps); and post-migration (their subsequent immigration and settlement in the United States and countries around the world). The exhibit opened in Chicago on August 23, 2014 and traveled to other cities in North America and the Baltic Republics. The exhibit will serve as a launch pad for a series of film viewings, educational programs, art exhibits, lectures, and other events about Baltic DPs, their experiences, and contributions world wide as well as for the exploration of the theme of displacement in general, whether by political, social, economic, or environmental forces.


Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture


Chicago, IL

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