Get to know us.

We’re an interdisciplinary studio. We’ve studied art and technology, science and architecture, museology and urban planning. We’ve explored history. Local history. American history. World history. History through art and artifacts. History through design and landscape and language. History through the stories of the people that have passed through the places and spaces we build and inhabit.

Bob Riggs

In his position as Creative Director, Mr. Riggs gives input on every aspect of the design process at RWD. He has a strong background in conceptualizing, designing, producing, and supervising large and small-scale exhibit and graphic design projects.

Brent Ward

As RWD's Managing Director, Mr. Ward works closely with the design staff to plan, develop, and supervise each project. With a background in museum interpretation and conservation, he helps the design staff conceptualize themes and consults on staff needs, management, product development, conservation techniques, and materials.

Mike Radtke

Chris King

Mark Taliaferro

Rob Steele

Caroline Carpenter

Mary Kristen Craver


Mercy Procaccini

West Coast Project Manager

Ron Thomson

West Coast Content Developer