Civil War Sesquicentennial at Virginia State Capitol

To commemorate 150 years of emancipation and the end of the Civil War in the US, the Richmond region engaged in a week long series of events for visitors and residents.

One of Riggs Ward’s projects, the Virginia Civil War 150 HistoryMobile took part in the commemoration ceremony and was on display in Capitol Square on Saturday, April 4th. For this traveling exhibition, our design team was able to successfully stage the flow of visitors through the confined space of the tractor trailer.  Inside, the team designed an immersive experience that contrasted key elements between a one-room slave cabin and a slave owner’s foyer.

During the Sesquicentennial Celebrations, the HistoryMobile was complemented by illuminations representing the city’s devastating evacuation fires, educational programs commemorating the emancipation of enslaved African-Americans, and presentations that followed in the footsteps of those who witnessed the Civil War firsthand.

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The HistoryMobile visits various sites throughout the State of Virginia year-round. For more information and for a schedule of destinations, visit the HistoryMobile website.

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