Bahrain Agreement Paper Pdf

Any change can only be obtained by mutual agreement. Employers are not free to make unilateral changes. 5.2 What are the rights of workers that are passed on to a commercial sale? What is the impact of a business sale on collective agreements? In the event of collective dismissal, people close to employers and workers first try to settle the dispute amicably. In the absence of an agreement within 60 days, employer or workers policy officers may ask the department to refer the dispute to the Collective Dispute Resolution Committee (JSC), whose training is set by the Minister. If the CDSB has not resolved the dispute within 60 days, either the employer or the workers can ask the department to refer the matter to an arbitration tribunal. The court of arbitration then makes an arbitral award binding and enforceable. 2.5 Under what circumstances does an enterprise committee have participation rights, so that an employer cannot continue until it has obtained the agreement of the Works Council on the proposals? All workers` rights are transferred to a business sale. In addition, collective agreements remain binding on the buyer. An employer cannot avail itself of such an agreement if the contract is terminated or if its extension has been refused without the worker`s lawful act.

The employer cannot avail itself of such an agreement if the worker had a legitimate reason for terminating the employment contract. 3.5 How do workers apply their rights in the event of discrimination? Can employers pay fees before or after their introduction? Workers are considered dismissed at the end of their notice. Employees are not allowed to be consulted prior to the sale of business; however, the employer may do so voluntarily. It is not possible to estimate an approximate timetable for closing a business sale, as it depends on the size of the business and the number of employees to be transferred. The worker reached the age of 18 at the time of the contract. If the worker has not committed any of the above offences, is the worker entitled, in the event of dismissal, to compensation that varies according to the nature of the contract under Article 111 of the Bahrain Labour Act, which is written as follows: 6.4 Are there categories of workers receiving special protection from dismissal? 3.6 What remedial action can workers take in the event of successful discrimination claims? 6.6 Are there specific procedures that an employer must follow with respect to individual redundancies? Yes, it is possible to ask an employee for a gardening holiday period. 1.2 What types of workers are protected by labour law? How do you distinguish between different types of workers? 8.4 Do employers have the right to monitor emails, phone calls or the use of an employer`s computer system? 8.1 What is the impact of workers` data protection rights on the employment relationship? Can an employer freely transfer workers` data to other countries? When a worker commits a criminal offence that is liable to dismissal, the employer must investigate the worker concerned within seven days of the date of the discovery of the offence. The union to which the worker is affiliated has the authority to appoint a representative of that union who participates in the investigation as soon as the worker has given a written notification to the employer.