Artist Management Agreement Doc

(a) for the duration of this agreement or an extension; or 28) It is agreed that the party claiming the delay, in writing or authenticated, the requested acknowledgement, must share the obligation it has invoked and that this NINETY (90) party following receipt of such written notification at the end of which such a failure must be provided. 29) This agreement should not be interpreted for the creation of a partnership or joint venture between the parties. It is understood that the parties act as independent contractors. 30) The artist acknowledges that this agreement and the manager`s accounts contain confidential business information; Neither the artist nor the artist`s representatives may disclose or use, on their own behalf or on behalf of a person, the facts or information resulting from this agreement or access to the manager`s book under this agreement. 31) Any notification, instruction or other instrument that must be given to the parties or that are approved must be made in writing and may be made by sending or transmitting them or by fax or e-mail to the parties as follows: 3) The artist heresafter appoints the director as the sole personal representative, manager and advisor to the artist for the duration of the agreement and any renewals. , in all matters that generally and generally fall within the jurisdiction and jurisdiction of personal representatives, executives and advisors, including, but not limited to, the advice, advice and instructions that are expressly mentioned in paragraph 1. The artist undertakes to seek this advice, advice, advice and instructions exclusively from the manager and undertakes not to require another agent, representative or manager to provide similar services and not to provide such services on his own behalf, and the artist will not negotiate, accept or execute any agreement, agreement or commitment regarding the artist`s career as a musician. , a host artist or artist living without the prior consent of the leader, who cannot be held back or unduly delayed. It`s the same for managers.